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The Serving With Pride LGBTQ2 101 educational session contains invaluable material that your service or organization can use to create closer bonds with your LGBTQ2 community. The training session includes, but is not limited to;

  • LGBTQ2 History, the pride flag and historical police involvement

  • Ground rules for inclusive and respective work environments

  • LGBTQ2 language, terminology and definitions

  • The 'Coming Out' process and how to be supportive

  • Ally training and importance of allies in the work place

  • Trans* session - an in depth session on how to work with our local Trans community, including hearing from community members on their interactions with law enforcement and how we can help each other learn

  • Creating positive and inclusive work spaces

  • Thesis findings and a discussion around Joe Couto's "Covered in Blue..." and "Gay. Female. Cop" studies. 

Why should my organization enroll in this training? To date, we have trained over 350 officers, civilians and criminal justice professionals with our proprietary educational sessions. After every session, the common thought in the room is "Why isn't this mandatory?". We provide 6-8 hours of thoughtful, open, and inclusive discussion around your LGBTQ2 community. We understand that the key  to repairing the rift that has been growing between police and their LGBTQ2 community can only be repaired by way of educating our service members, one service at a time. So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below to email us and book your LGBTQ2 101 educational session today! 

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