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Our 2023 Keynote Speaker

This year's celebration will feature an incredible lineup of speakers as well as amazing entertainment!


Kristen Ziman

Since she was a little girl, Kristen Ziman wanted to be a cop. When Kristen joined the ranks, she knew she had found her tribe, and she devoted herself to becoming an asset to her profession. She rose through the ranks and became the first female lieutenant, commander, and police chief in the history of her department. Although she is now retired from the force, Kristen is still passionate about policing, and believes the men and women who wear the uniform provide the best examples of selflessness. Her work explores her former profession while chronicling the colorful journey of life and leadership that taught her so many lessons.Kristen lives in Naples, Florida, where she is following her personal mission to help elevate people and organizations and to thwart the next mass shooting through prevention and preparation. Learn more at

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