Our Vision

The vision of Serving with Pride is one of an optimized work environment including diversity, integrity, awareness and equity of LGBTQ2S employees within policing, corrections and criminal justice professions, where there are no barriers, stereotypes or bias AND positive policing, corrections and criminal justice systems where organizations are sensitive to the unique needs of the LGBTQ2 community and consistently build bridges to better understand and serve them.

Our Mission

Serving with Pride will encourage, advance and promote LGBTQ2S policing, corrections and criminal justice professionals.


Serving with Pride will provide education and awareness, crucial to providing LGBTQ2S policing, corrections and criminal justice professionals with a safe work environment.


Serving with Pride will provide education and awareness in which agencies can use to better understand and build bridges with their LGBTQ2S communities.


Serving with Pride supports LGBTQ2S policing, corrections and criminal justice personnel to be “out” in the workplace.


Serving with Pride will provide a safe and supportive forum for members to network, inspire, and communicate more effectively with each other throughout the Province of Ontario.

Serving with Pride will support the pursuit of education by providing learning opportunities for police personnel, corrections, criminal justice professionals and allies to raise awareness and understanding of the LGBTQ2 community

Our Goals:

  • Provide and support systemic change to ensure that LGBTQ2S members are visible and valued as equal members. 

  • Develop and maintain an effective LGBTQ2S employee support and networking system between Ontario-based agencies and other organizations that support our initiatives.

  • Promote, develop and initiate mentoring programs for LGBTQ2S members and allies, within our agencies and communities.

  • Build bridges to promote positive relationships between LGBTQ2S members and their respective organizations and break down systemic barriers and stereotyping.

  • Support the pursuit of post-secondary education by providing opportunities to LGBTQ2S youth.

  • Demonstrate integrity and a positive professional image to our colleagues and the communities we serve.

  • Ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all members within our respective law enforcement and Corrections organizations.

  • Encourage, promote and inspire future membership within our organization.

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